Platform Solutions for Home Infusion Therapy – Innovations, Connectivity, Data

The COVID-19 pandemic reality increased the need and trend toward more cost-effective patient care delivery in the home and other non-acute care venues. This trend for increasing home care continues for a host of good reasons across a range of clinical therapies and treatments. Included in this trend is the increasing use of intravenous (IV) therapies for both traditional IV therapy (one of the most widely prescribed therapies in healthcare), newly emerging biologics, and health maintenance regimens.

Beyond the actual delivery of infusion via medical devices like infusion pumps, is the increasing imperative that we capture and utilize patient and therapy data in ways to optimize delivery, control, and documentation.  These elements are now critical for realizing better patient outcomes and lower costs of care.   

The foundation of NewIV’s platform of offerings is threefold: 1) highly innovative infusion pump platform and disposables to ensure access to simple, safe, and reliable IV care and treatment in the home at lower cost, 2.) advanced and cloud-available clinical training products and services, and 3.) connected communication and therapy data services to facilitate real-time clinical care and provide post-care data metrics.  

NewIV, its mission and products, are dedicated to supporting patients, care providers, payors, and pharma in these settings. 

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